Art As A Tool for Resistance @ Queens Museum June 11th 1-4:30pm

debtbank question

Art as a Tool for Resistance

with Social Practice Queens (SPQ)

Jun 11 2017

Resistance Theatre 
Artists: Julian Phillips, Zaid Islam, Floor Grootenhuis

Location: Unisphere gallery
Schedule: 1:30-2:30pm, 3:00-4:00pm

To register, please contact: nung-hsin@queensmuseum.org

During Resistance Theatre participants will have an opportunity to explore the practical and interpersonal facets of protest and authority. First the group will talk about what it is that each participant seeks to resist while creating representative protest signs. As part of this, the group will discuss what is needed to physically resist. After, participants will use their bodies to explore various spacial restrictions that are used during demonstrations and how these restrictions are used to dominate. Finally participants will discuss how to foster resistance to certain authorities both in the larger social as well as personal contexts.

Artists: Alix Camacho Vargas, Jeff Kasper

Location: West-side library corner
Duration: 1:00-4:30pm

DebtBank is a surreal bilingual (Spanish/English) resource desk that sets up shop in various community venues, like museum and libraries, in order to provide a space where the public can ask a question or answer a neighbor’s query about debt. Thought participatory written prompts and video diaries that spark dialogue and collects research. (Website coming soon!) The project aims to: (a) visualize debt as a shared phenomena while illuminating the experiences of all of us; (b) provoke individual understandings of debt and autonomy while searching for creative solutions; (c) foster  alternative forms of crowd-sourced resource-sharing about economic equity.

(Artwork courtesy of DebtBank.)