FMCP Creative

FMCP Creative is an initiative dedicated to supporting the emergence of a creative community dedicated to the future of Flushing Meadows Corona Park (FMCP).  The first official gathering, in May 2014 (during Open Engagement at the Queens Museum), consisted of an open space with a series of video installation projecting images of FMCP’s history, its current identity as the world’s park, and  its possible futures (references of other innovative public spaces).  The installation invited small groups to step through the space together and progressively presented them with “imagination starters” in relation to the park’s uniqueness and potential.  In Summer 2014, the Queens Museum officially adopted the initiative as part of its Public Programs and Community Engagement portfolio, and in Fall 2014 entered into a partnership with NYC Parks and Design Trust for Public Space to expand the initiative as the World’s Park Community Design School.